Our Philosophy

Our stewardship to the community, responsibility to vegetative and landscaping, and a creative and innovative design & installation solutions, provides huge savings with time & money as a long term sustainability of maintenance and management of your property.

Sunny outdoors, brings experience from concepts through simple cleanup, complete rejuvenation and beyond. Professionally licensed and insured. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and provide you the best solution.

Twins lough

Our Core Values

  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Provide fair and ethical pricing models
  • Help maintain and possibly increase the value of your home
  • Consideration morally and honestly in everything we do.
  • Build strong and lasting relationships
  • Giving back to our community

Our Story

Sunny Outdoors was founded by Samson and his wife Senait (Sunny). Samson grew up in the city and what he enjoyed most was going out to the farm where his grandparents lived. He had a passion for Nature and would spend everyday outdoors gardening, cleaning, rejuvenating yards till the sun sets. His love for landscaping has thought him an important life skill, one that is overlooked in today's society. Samson believes true experience and the satisfaction that comes from caring for something over time, while observing the cycle of life firsthand is what drives him to service his community.

Samson has two boys and two girls and instead of going home to watch tv or play games, he creates opportunity for kids to learn and grow through the joys of gardening. What a great way to teach Responsibility, Understanding the Cause and Effect, Self confidence, Love of nature, Nutrition, and Physical activity.


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Have a question? You have landed in the right place:) we are waiting happily to assist. Sunny Outdoors services in much of Orange and Seminole County.