Best Rated Lawn Maintenance Service

Sunny Outdoors is a full-service property maintenance company dedicated to providing professional, reliable, friendly maintenance services to Central Florida property managers and investors and homeowners.

We thrive for customer satisfaction and long term relationship. If you are tired of inconsistency service or having difficulties with your previous lawn care provider, give Sunny Outdoors the opportunity to properly maintain your lawn and garden to its fullest potential.

We will maintain your property to it's utmost beauty.

Leave all gates closed upon completing the job

Blow all debris and dust from hard surfaces

Control weeds in beds, as long as beds have adequate amount of mulch.

Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Maintenance Pricing

  • Weekly 40 Cuts/Year       Starting    $120/Monthly
  • Bi-Weekly 25 Cuts/Year   Starting    $90/Monthly
  • Initial Cut                           Starts at   $45

Services included:

  • Mowing all Turf Area.
  • Trimming around Property, Fencing, and Flower Beds
  • Edging all Sidewalks, Driveways, and Curbs
  • Power Blow all Debris and Dust from hard surfaces
  • Weed Control on Tree rings, Ornamental mulch Beds, all Seams and Cracks in Driveways